NHS Practice

My NHS base at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where I have the following roles


Consultant Neurosurgeon in a General and Specialist capacity. My elective work is in surgery for cranial nerve hyperactive disorders such as trigeminal, glossopharyngeal and geniculate neuralgias and hemifacial spasm; spinal surgery for cervical and lumbar degenerative conditions; and awake surgery for low grade glioma.

Facial Pain

I have led and steered the Facial Pain Network in South and West Wales with an aim to provide a multidisciplinary arena for patients in South Wales with complex and intractable facial pain syndromes. This endeavour is still ongoing, and in time I hope to evolve it into a full fledged and funded service within NHS Wales.

Cancer Lead

As Welsh Cancer Lead for Brain and CNS, I manage the Neuroncology Service for South and West Wales which is delivered through the three sites at UHW, Velindre Cancer Centre and Singleton Hospital. This is an intensely challenging but immensely rewarding aspect of my career which has resulted in significant investment from NHS Wales into technology, process and personnel to deliver a seamless and effective cancer service for patients with brain and spinal cord tumours.


I am the Governance Lead for Neurosurgical Morbidity and Mortality.

Additional NHS Support Roles

I am an advisor to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman for England and Scotland. Quite often, I am asked to provide expert opinions on brain and spinal surgery related patient complaints in order to help NHS Trusts and Health Boards reach a settlement before litigation is contemplated.